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Our Founder/Owner, Michelle, worked in the corporate world for over 20 years providing Bookkeeping, Payroll, HR and admin services. She also helped friends, referrals and family with their small businesses when they weren’t sure how to do the bookkeeping, or where and how to take care of the payroll taxes for their employees and the company. She would set them up with QuickBooks software and then teach them how to use it. She would share all her bookkeeping knowledge so they never felt like they were stuck with no direction. She would check on them consistently to be sure all was going well.  While working in the corporate world she never felt the satisfaction of making a difference for the big company.  The excitement was with the small businesses she helped in the evenings and weekends where she was making an impact and helping the small business grow.  Watching them  succeed is where the difference was.

So today Michelle is doing exactly what she should be doing and enjoying every day of it. She is the BK Coach helping small businesses with their bookkeeping, payroll and QuickBooks.


Next Steps…

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